Web Design

If  we build it , they will come.

The five steps taken in creating your website:



We begin each project with the discovery phase. We’ll discuss your needs and goals of project as to solidify what you’ll expect from your website design.


This is the part where we decide on design, concepts, and features that will be needed to achieve the goals we’ve set in the discovery phase.  Be it a CMS (Content Management System, ie WordPress, Square Space, Wix, etc ) or stand alone development, we’ll choose the best platform for your needs to build upon.


Here the actually concept gets designed and laid out.  Each step of the user interaction is taken into consideration, ensuring that every screen is working to accomplish the goals we have set during it’s planning.  The design phase concludes with a collection of Photoshop mock-ups corresponding to various elements of the project.


During this phase, design mock-ups are turned into a fully functional entity. Development concludes with the thorough testing of the project and its launch.


After the project is launched and is out there in the real world, we’ll come back to the site taking information obtained from Google Analytics to tweak its SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  Ensuring you have to best chance out there that people will find you on the web.